This blogger’s Kmart and Ikea inspired pantry is out of this world

You have to see it to believe it!
From Great Beginnings

Adelaide blogger Iryna Federico pantry is taking the internet by storm.

The pantry which took a total of two years to finish is exploding with lolly shop like colours and organised to the T. It’s just pure amazing!

pastel 1
(Credit: From Great Beginnings)
pantry 2
(Credit: From Great Beginnings)

Iryna explained: ‘I had our builder remove any shelving and ended up with a blank room. I then found a local cabinetmaker here in Adelaide who brought my design to life.’

She revealed that the beautiful array of pastel colour coding was inspired by a pastel pantry she spotted on Pinterest.

pastel 3
(Credit: From Great Beginnings)

Among the pantry is of course the incredible items sold by IKEA and Kmart.

IKEA’s Pluggin baskets particularly helped her store most items in her pantry. ‘They’re nice and deep which means I can hide all the ugly and messy packaging of items like chips and biscuits, and the space always looks tidy,’ she shared.

Her favourite buy was Ikea’s famous $4 spice rack. ‘I painted those pink and added my cookbooks and cooking utensils and it really brought the whole space together,’ Iryna said.

pantry storage
(Credit: From Great Beginnings)

As for Kmart, the inspiring blogger revealed: ‘I love Kmart for all their little organisation tools that make a nice addition to any space, in particular, their three-tier shelves. They lift items from the back and make them easily reachable.’

Iryna even spray-painted most of her Kmart purchases to match the colourful pastel theme.

‘Everyone is always very pleasantly surprised that you can get them from Kmart and they only cost $4 each,’ she said.

‘I also used the $3 hanging pots from Kmart’s garden section to store the pens and markers under my command centre, as well as the tube vase, which is where I keep my straws.’

pantry 4
(Credit: From Great Beginnings)
Kmart items
(Credit: From Great Beginnings)

Speaking to New Idea, Iryna shared the following tips for those wanting to recreate her pastel pantry:

1. Go through the contents of your pantry and plan ahead. Make a list of everything you’d like to store and declutter the rest. This saves you a lot of money when shopping for storage solutions. If you’re after a uniform look, purchase same sized containers and baskets which you can use throughout your home. 

2. Use big, deep baskets for storing packaged items and snack food. It keeps everything in a nice formation, even if the inside of the baskets are messy. 

3. I decided on a theme and stuck to it. When I started, ‘pastel’ items were really hard to find so whenever I found something that met my needs, I would spray paint it to match my colours. I only keep packaged foods in the things I spray painted but there are food safe paints out there for actual raw food storage.

For more amazing tips and photos, visit Iryna’s stunning blog.

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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