Armed with a hairbrush, mum-of-six Shirley Raines took to the streets to help others.

Taking her beauty skills to the streets Shirley is helping the homeless community feel beautiful.

Trying to change the stigma around the homeless community Shirley Raines wanted to help.

Volunteering at shelters she handed out food and water but she never felt connected with those in need.

This mum of six wanted to do more to help the less fortunate.

So, heading to the streets armed with a hairbrush and some mascara Shirley started asking women if they wanted a makeover.

Once those women sat down in front of her they opened up about their struggles.

‘These women are not out here by choice, something happened,’ Shirley told Refinery29 ‘whatever broke them and put them on the street, let’s start with that.’

From women fleeing abusive relationships and no where else to go but the streets, Shirley is helping the homeless find their beauty again giving them that boost they need to keep powering on.

‘What I want to do is restore dignity, make them feel important, make them feel beautiful,’ Shirley said. 

Shirley has impacted so many lives on the street she has now branched out into all forms of beauty services, haircuts and colours, makeup, showers etc and even has a team helping her!

To follow Shirley’s incredible work check out her Instagram @beauty2thestreetz

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