What the average Australian wedding costs in 2018 will shock you

Eloping is looking very good right now.

If you’re hoping to get engaged any time soon, here’s a sobering thought: the average Australian wedding costs more than $50k.

A survey of more than 500 Australian brides over the past two years found the average cost to be $51,245. Some had their wedding in that period; others are still in the planning (read: saving) stage.

That’s a jump from last year’s $48,624 average, say Wedded Wonderland, which conducted the survey.

Where’s all that money going? Their survey found that couples spend an average of $21,250 on venue hire (a $5750 jump from last year) and $3611 on photography (more than $1000 more than last year).

We were most shocked by the cash dropped on flowers and styling: a staggering $6704 on average. But the amount of Instagram likes those peonies and fairy lights would have attracted? Priceless.

This article originally appeared on Marie Claire.

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