Drink up – 25 cups of coffee a day aren’t bad for you!

A study out of the UK shows that coffee lovers are just as healthy as tea drinkers.

The British Heart Foundation have released their latest study into our coffee habits, the good, the bad and the ugly!

The study of over 8,000 people revealed some interesting statistics!

With Mcrindle recording that 75% of Aussies have a least one cup a day and of that 28% have three or more cups!

With an overall of 27% saying they can’t live without their daily dose, the higher quality the cup the less likely you’ll be reaching for another.

With those sipping on instant have the highest rates of chugging down more than three cups a day!

It’s no surprise the generation gap comes into play in the coffee game as well with our older population preferring an instant cup and the younger love an expresso.

However whilst us Aussies love a cuppa when it comes to the global scale our coffee consumption is swamped by other nations.

With Finland taking number one spot with the country drinking 12kgs per capita per year, Aussies prefer a tea coming in at number 13.

But BHF has announced to coffee lovers that drinking up 25 cups a day don’t have a higher risk of a heart attack.

Debunking previous studies that linked coffee to poor heart health the BHF said “no increased stiffening of arteries was associated with those who drank up to this high limit.”

So there you go – drink up!

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