Everyone is going crazy over this Aldi chair

The internet has lost it.
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Oh, Aldi – the budget department/grocery store does it again! 

It was just over a month a go that we reported Aldi’s new homewares collection had everyone rushing to the store. 

Specifically, Aldi shoppers were losing it over one particular item – the ‘Tate’ accent chair.

The chair sold out in a mere 30 seconds. Yes, just thirty-seconds – both in-store AND online.

Remember the beauty below? 

‘Tate’ accent chair – $149 (Credit: Aldi)

Well now, the department store has released a new accent chair that is just as interior drool-worthy as the first. 

The new piece, which is a darker grey and slightly smaller than the original, is available for purchase tomorrow from the Aldi online store and selected Aldi retailers.

Let’s just say we think this little guy is going to sell out just as quickly.

accent chair
‘Accent Armchair’ – $129 (Credit: Aldi)

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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