A morbidly obese pregnant woman is making some major lifestyle changes

For the health of her unborn baby.
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Monica Riley, 28, aimed to be the most overweight woman in the world and, until recently, weighed 318 kilograms. After she found out she was pregnant, she decided that lifestyle changes were essential for the health of her unborn baby.

This comes after Monica’s two other pregnancies, that devastatingly ended in a foetus malformation and a miscarriage.

But now at 15 weeks pregnant, Monica has lost 88 kilograms and currently weighs 222 kilograms. She’s now walking everyday and has cut down her daily energy intake from 41,840 kilojoules to 8368 kilojoules.

Prior to this pregnancy, Monica’s fiancé, Sid, would help her consume all of the food each day, and would even use a funnel.

Here’s an example of what Monica used to eat in a day:

– Six scones

– Six sausages in a bread roll

– A big bowl of sugary cereal

– Two weight gain shakes

– Four McChicken Sandwiches

– Four double cheeseburgers

– One large portion of French fries

– 30 chicken nuggets

– Macaroni cheese

– Taco Bell

– One gallon of ice cream

The Texas-based woman was worried that her fiancé would not be attracted to her if she lost weight. But Sid told The Sun, “I am not just attracted to her body. I am attracted to her as a whole complete person.”

Monica revealed to The Sun that, “at one point in my life, I wanted to be the biggest woman in the world. I wanted to be bed bound and immobile and be fed even more.” But she now feels that the pregnancy is a “wake up call.”

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