9 unexpected uses for toothpaste

Who knew the humble toothpaste was so versatile?

Bites and Blisters

Toothpaste is great for healing itchy, weeping wounds such as insect bites and blisters. Applying a dab directly to the area can help lessen swelling and also dry up the wound, speeding up healing.


Blitz those zits!

Want to speed up the healing of a pesky pimple? Apply a tiny amount of toothpaste to the blemish before bed and it will dry up like magic.


Defog your goggles

How annoying is it when your goggles fog up under water? They’re meant to help us see, not restrict our vision! Try smearing a little bit of toothpaste on the inside of your goggles then rinsing it for a crystal clear view.


Dirty clothing

To treat dirty clothing, apply toothpaste directly to the stain and rub until the mark is gone before washing as usual.



For carpets, apply toothpaste and scrub gently with a brush, then rinse immediately.



Toothpaste will also remove crayon ‘artwork’ on walls. Simply apply a little to the area with a damp cloth and rub gently. Easy and so effective!


Make your jewellery shine

Toothpaste makes a fantastic and cheap cleaner for silver jewellery and silverware. To use, rub toothpaste onto the item and leave overnight. Then in the morning, just wipe clean with a soft cloth. Don’t use on pearls as it will damage their finish.


A very ‘handy’ scrub

Remove food smells such as garlic, fish and onions from hands by applying toothpaste to your hands and giving them a scrub. Now that’s something to smile about!


Shine those nails

Although manicures are lovely and luxurious, we don’t always have the time to spare. Scrub your nails with a nailbrush and some toothpaste to keep them shiny and clean!

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