9 unexpected uses for menthol rub

There are many uses for menthol rub that can save you money all year around!
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Good old menthol rub (like Vicks VapoRub) eases chest and nasal congestion when colds and flu strike. But there are many other uses for menthol rub, which can save you money all year round!

Blitz zits

Menthol rub is the ultimate emergency treatment for pimples. Using a cotton ball or bud, apply to the affected area at night. In the morning your spots will have shrunk or even be gone!

Ease aching muscles

Use it to soothe sore muscles after an intense workout or sports session. My boys swear by it after their rugby games.

Heal burns and cuts fast

If you burn your hand while cooking, put it under cold running water then massage in some menthol rub. You can also apply a little to small cuts or splinters to speed up healing and prevent infection.

Banish headaches

For relief from headaches, apply a little onto your forehead and temples. It helps release pressure in your head and relieves the pain.

Bugs be gone

Menthol rub can prevent insect bites and treat them as well. Apply small dabs to the skin to keep mozzies away. To treat an existing bite, pop some on to soothe itching.

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Silence creaky doors

Try putting a little on the hinges of creaking doors. It works like a charm!

Toilet train your pet

Next time Fido goes to mark his territory where you would rather he didn’t, place an open jar of menthol rub in the area. Dogs hate the smell.

Stop cat scratching

Rub the affected area with the ointment. Cats can’t stand the smell and will steer clear. You can also apply some to your skin to stop them scratching you too!

Quieten that cough

This is a common remedy, but in case you didn’t know, menthol rub is excellent for relieving troublesome coughs. Rub it generously over your chest before bed and it will help you breathe more easily.

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