Women donate dresses to help drought hit families

Big-hearted sisters are keen to help

Two sisters have found a way to bring a smile to farming families hit by the drought

Queensland sisters Anita Guyett and Tashoni Hardy grew up on a cattle station.

So when they saw the plight Aussie families were facing during the worst drought in memory, they wanted to do something to help.

Hearing that schools were being forced to call off their formals because students couldn’t afford anything to wear, they wanted to make sure teens could still enjoy their special night.

Speaking to the ABC, Anita said the pair initially set out to gather outfits from their family and friends, but their Facebook page, Dresses for the Drought Australia, quickly took off.

Now the pair have thousands of followers, with offers of dresses and even shirts and suits flooding in.

Because of the number of outfits that need to be distributed to struggling families across the country, the sisters have now set up a Go Fund Me to help with shipping costs.

Clothing donations will be accepted for the next ten days. 

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