That’s Life! Cash Cracker Winners

that’s life! made our dreams come true!

A big thank you to everyone who entered our Cash Cracker competition and told us what they wanted to find in their cracker last Christmas. It wasn’t easy choosing just three winners to take home $5000 – but here they are!

Lynn Davies, 67, Masterton, NZ

When my husband Kevin passed away aged 68 from emphysema and heart failure in May 2023, my life came crashing down.

He was my soulmate.

Together for almost five decades, we did everything as a pair – from long days at the beach to rides on his motorcycle.

Our favourite band was The Rolling Stones, and every time ‘Start Me Up’ plays I think of my love.
Our kids Philippa, now 47, Jessica, 45, and Grant, 43, were also devastated.

Thankfully, Grant lives close by, and I can enjoy quality family time with him, his wife Natalie and their kids Lucais, 19, Johnty, 15, and Tessa, 12.

But with Philippa living with her family in Maryborough, Vic, and Jessica with hers in London, UK, I haven’t seen them since Kevin’s funeral.

I miss them terribly, I often think.

that's life! cash cracker competition winner
Lynn and Kevin (Credit: Supplied.)

It’s been a tough year, to say the least. So when I saw that’s life!’s Cash Cracker competition, I had to enter.

Winning $5000, I was absolutely thrilled!

Now I can buy tickets to visit my lovely Jessica and her husband Joe, and cuddle my beautiful granddaughter Molly, nine.

And I will visit my gorgeous Philippa and her hubby Brent in Victoria. I can’t wait to have picnics with their children, my grandkids Emily, 23, and Jonathan, 21.

Jonathan’s baby Hadley, nearly two, was born in February 2022 and I can’t wait to hold him for the first time.

Thanks to that’s life!, this year is looking up!

Meryl Heynsdyk, 59, North Richmond, NSW

Back in 1990, my son Michael, now 34, suffered a serious head injury during an unfortunate accident at five months old, leaving him disabled.

It turned our lives upside down, so when my husband Randolph, now 65, was diagnosed just over 10 years later with Parkinson’s disease, it was another huge blow for our family.

Caring for my hubby – who I call Rudy – as well as looking after Michael, has put a huge financial strain on us.

When Rudy left work as a contractor due to his disease in April 2012, we were worried we could lose the house.

And while we can’t afford to buy Christmas presents for each other and our extended family, we try to give Michael’s three youngest cousins something small every year.

We’re so grateful we have a roof over our heads, but after surviving on Centrelink payments for years, I wish we had some extra cash to live a better life.

that's life! Cash Cracker competition winner
Rudy, Meryl and Michael (Credit: Supplied.)

Entering the that’s life! Cash Cracker comp, I crossed all my fingers and toes.

When I got the call telling me I’d won a share of the $15,000 prize, I could hardly believe it.

‘I thought this was a scam call!’ I laughed over the line.

I just couldn’t believe I was $5000 richer, thanks to my favourite magazine.

I believe it’s important to find the silver linings, and this win has been pure gold.

Heather Edward, 56, Wandina, WA

Visiting the dentist at the start of 2023, I had to throw my vanity out the window when I had almost all my top teeth pulled out.

I’d tried to save them, but after years of battling depression and an alcohol addiction when I was younger, looking after my teeth had taken a back seat. Now there was no other option but to lose them.

After being sober for 12 years, and working as a mental health support worker, I was determined to take better care of myself.

But I’d never thought about how much dentures cost and I just couldn’t afford to fork out the few thousand for a set!

Embarrassed, I barely smiled, but I still felt super grateful for what I did have.

This is the most rewarding job, I’d always think after a long day at work, keen to help anyone I could.

And being a single mum to my four beautiful children – Skye, 30, Hayden, 27, Lochlyn, 23, and Justin, 13 – my life is full of love.

It’s been a difficult time with the cost of living crisis, and I’ve been putting all my pennies towards Justin’s school band trip to Sydney in June this year. He’s a very talented clarinet player.

that's life! cash cracker competition winner
Lochlyn, Heather and Justin (Credit: Supplied.)

When I saw the Cash Cracker competition before Chrissy last year, I knew exactly what I’d do with the $5000.

All I want for Christmas is teeth! I thought.

Learning I’d won, I was over the moon.

I can’t wait to go out and buy myself dentures.

‘You’re beautiful no matter what, Mum,’ my lovely kids always say.

Thanks to that’s life!, soon I’ll have plenty to smile about!

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