What do your feet say about you?

Foot-reading, or podomancy, can reveal our deepest secrets. Examine your feet, then check out the meanings!

Wide feet

You’re a hard-working person who finds it difficult to relax.

Narrow feet

You’re happy to sit back and let others run around after you. You’re very good at delegating without appearing to do so and you like the good things in life.

High arches

You’re an intellectual, but you can be too much of a dreamer. You learnt to be self-sufficient from an early age.

Low arches or flat feet

A realist. You need to allow yourself to dream more. You love the company of others.

Swollen or puffy feet

You’re unwilling or unable to express your emotions.

Smelly feet

You’re trying to make space for yourself. This is common with teens who feel hemmed-in and carers who feel restricted by their responsibilities.

Cracked heels

You’re indecisive and often feel like you’re pulled in too many directions.

Big toe

If it’s very big, you’re a big talker – but not everything you say is based on reality! A long big toe shows you’re good in business and a short one denotes unreliability. If your big toe stands apart from the others, it indicates you have a more private personality.

Second toe

If it’s longer than the big toe, you have great vision, but can be self-opinionated. You like to be in charge, and can instil confidence in others. If it is shorter than the big toe, your finances will be average, but if it’s fat, you’ll be rich in later life.

Toes squeezed under another toe

You find it difficult to trust other people and let go.

A toe bent towards the big toe

You hang onto the past.

A toe bent towards the little toe

You’re always in a rush.

Crooked toes

You have devious thoughts!

Webbed second or third toes

Your self-esteem is linked to your activities or career.

A True Pedi-Cure!

The feet are believed to mirror our bodies, so give yourself or a loved one a foot massage with a difference! Begin at the heel and work up the foot, making sure to massage toward the heart, and refer to our chart as you go. Take notice of any tender or sore areas and check which body part or organ they correspond to.

By gently stimulating the nerve endings in the feet, healing processes are triggered in the brain. If you are massaging someone else’s feet, be sure to hold the foot firmly. You can use scented oil or moisturiser – peppermint is refreshing for tired feet while lavender is soothing. And don’t forget the ‘spine’ of the foot – located on the inside of each foot following its arch.

Did you know

If someone always keeps their feet covered, they’re very private? Or that long feet suggest someone will be the life of the party?

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