Cat with psychic powers sells for over $110,000


A ‘psychic cat’ called Charles Utkins – Charlie for short – has been bought by a Siberian witch for an amazing $110,000!

The cat’s former owner – identified as ‘Dmitry R’ – inherited the pet from his aunt and soon noticed the cat’s strange abilities, such as passing through locked doors at his Blagoveshchensk home in Russia.

Dmitry told The Siberian Times: ‘He reads minds, but the worst thing is, he inspires thoughts.’

And these thoughts are apparently impossible to resist.

‘I do not eat fish at all, I don’t like it, or sausages,’ Dmitry said. ‘He would wake me up at 5am with a strong desire to eat fish or sausage. I had to go out right then to buy it. As soon as the cat started to eat, my hunger disappeared.’

Charlie also stares, evidently seeing things humans can’t. Dmitry said this led to strains in his marriage after his wife felt uneasy.

The clairvoyant from Novosibirsk, some 4500km away, heard about the cat and came to inspect it. After a ‘short interview’ with the cat, the woman – labelled a ‘witch’ by local media – paid for Charlie. He is to be put to work in her seances.

Let’s hope it’s not a total cat-astrophe!

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