Instant Spells

Need some mystical help? Try a fast and easy spell
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Make a lucky keepsake

Hold the item (eg a ring) by your heart and repeat the following slowly three times:

All the magick of the world,
Bring to me good luck,
Store the luck inside this (name the item),
So mote it be
Take or wear the lucky keepsake with you on the job interview, first date etc

Grant a desire

Light a red or white candle then chant 3 times:

By the light of moon,
By the light of fire,
Grant me my one desire.


Manifest a wish

Find a large fully grown leaf. Write on it a word or draw a picture that represents what that you want. Then place your leaf beneath a stone outside or throw it into running water. As the leaf withers, it takes your desire to the Earth. As thanks, Mother Nature will grant your wish.

Bring cash fast

Imagine waves of money crashing down on you. Meditate on this for several minutes, then say:

Waves of cash come over me,

Pull me out to the green sea,
Tides of coins wash onto me

As I say so, mote it be.

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