Did you dream of a white wedding? Decode your dreams with our guide

Here's what it means.

Your own wedding

If single, you’d like to be married. If marrying a stranger in the dream, you haven’t yet found love. If marrying your partner or spouse and happy about it, you’ve met Mr Right. If marrying your partner or spouse and unhappy about it, you’re questioning your relationship.

Marrying your ex

Don’t worry! It doesn’t mean you want them back. In fact, it means that you’ve accepted the end of the relationship. If in a new relationship, you’re seeing similarities – either good or bad – between your ex and your current partner.

Seeing others marry

If single, you crave romance. If married, consider the character traits of the bride and groom. They represent aspects of yourself that you’re trying to cultivate or merge.

Wedding gown or ring

If the gown is torn or the ring broken, it may symbolise your marriage is in jeopardy. If in a relationship, it may be a warning you shouldn’t marry this person.

Wedding veil

If wearing one, you may be deluding yourself about your partner. If single, the right man could be right in front of you. If you’re a man and see your partner in a veil, she may be hiding something from you.


To dream of being at a wedding reception represents a family celebration to come.

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