Creepy video of ‘ghost student’ at computer has school freaking out


A spooky video has people claiming that this classroom is haunted by a very studious ghost who spends hours sitting at a computer.

The video was taken at Stockton Riverside College and is shot through a window into an empty dark classroom. Sitting in front of a computer, movie slightly, is a semitransparent human shape.

If you went into the classroom, however, you’d see no one there.

Staff at the school have said it looks like a ghost and people do think it is one. Though there is another explanation:

’It’s a reflection in the window from another classroom,’ explains Paul Abley, a lecturer at the college, to Gazette Live.

‘It’s improbable, but if a student is in the other classroom then the light must bounce off about four windows and the door of a server cabinet.’

Mr Abley has been working at the school for about 2 years, but their resident ‘ghost’ was only recently discovered.

“Quite a few people get freaked out by it. We’ve been having a bit of fun with it,’ he admits.

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