Aussie girls snaps grandma’s ‘ghost’ days after her death

Dayna Lynch

A Melbourne teen’s spooky snap is said to show the younger face of an elderly relative who had died just days earlier.

Sitting with her father and her former step-mother in her Frankston home, 18-year-old Dayna Lynch decided to capture the quiet moment between them on camera.

When she looked back at the photo however, she was shocked to see a familiar face floating peacefully in the window behind them.

It looks exactly like her stepmother’s grandma – who had only recently passed. In fact, Dayna’s step-mum had only recently returned from the woman’s funeral in Turkey.

Speaking with Daily Mail Australia Dayna says that her step-mum had an eerie sensation that night.

‘She and her grandmother were incredibly close and that she could feel her presence the entire day. She knew that her grandmother was watching over her.

‘Besides myself, no one believed in ghosts. And that night it was fair to say that everyone believed in the paranormal after the incident. No one could sleep properly.’

Dayna is convinced she captured something paranormal that day.

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