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Young boy ‘breaks every bone in his face’ after scooter trick goes wrong

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The mother of a 12-year-old boy who broke every bone in his face after a scooter trick went horribly wrong has urged parents to ensure their kids wear helmets.

Hayden was playing on his scooter at a skate park ramp in Bridgetown on Sunday when he attempted to jump over the top of a traffic cone.

But when the back wheels of his scooter clipped the cone, he became airborne before face planting in to the concrete.

A family friend took Hayden to Bridgetown Hospital. He was sent to Bunbury then flown to Perth for treatment.

He broke his jaw, nose, eye sockets, cheekbones and his sinuses and suffered bleeding on the brain as a result of the fall.

broken face
The Bridgetown youngster broke every bone in his face after the scooter trick went wrong. (Credit: Channel 7)

“The only thing I remember was airing it and then waking up in an ambulance,” Hayden told 7 News Perth.

“I hit my back wheel and then I went face first into the floor.

“Everybody should wear helmets because they save lives.”

His mother Mel Waller hopes his accident will serve as a warning to other kids to protect themselves in similar circumstances.

It was distressing. Scary really,” she said

“If he actually had a skating helmet on part of his head wouldn’t be so fractured.

“Our message now is for kids to wear a helmet at all times and they are cool, basically.”

This article originally appeared on The West Australian.

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