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Woman refuses to hide her 40kg tumours

Such an inspiration
Source: GoFundMe / Karina Rodini Neurofibromatosis treatment

28-year-old Karina Rodini from Sao Paolo, Brazil was born with small freckles on her leg.

At age two the markings began to change, and she was eventually diagnosed with neurofibromatosis type one.

Causing tumours to form on nerve tissue this genetic disorder can affect anywhere in your nervous system, even your brain.

For Karina the disease seems to be localized around her upper leg and hip area.

However, growing up the tumours rapidly grew until now they weight over 40kgs.

Now she is worried that they could spread into other parts of her body.

Impacting the left side of her body, Karina has lost vision out of her left eye and has continual medical issues including scoliosis due to the sheer weight of the tumours.

At school she was heavily bullied and tried to hide the tumours under baggy clothing.  

For years she would refuse to have her photo taken.

Now struggling to find clothes to conceal it, Karina is she is speaking out trying to change her mindset and raise awareness.

Sharing with the world her incredible bright and bubbly personality Karina is not letting her condition hold her back. 

After hundreds of visits to doctors and surgeons she is desperate to remove the mass but because it is so large she would need to undergo multiple surgeries.

But many specialists are turning her away because of the high risks associated with putting her under the knife numerous times.

Having already undergone seven surgeries the tumours continue to grow back.

Unable to find a job because of the way she looks she hopes to raise enough money for proper treatment.

There is no cure for NF1 but it can be treated through medication and surgery.  

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