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At 352kg Charity was once the world’s heaviest woman

What a transformation

In 2014 38-year-old Charity Pierce appeared on the reality show My 600LB Life.

Quickly this American woman stole headlines across the world.

Tipping the scales at 352 kilos she was more than 55kilos heavier than Pauline Potter who was then the world’s heaviest living woman according to the Guinness World Records.

Shocked at her weight, doctors warned her weight would most likely cause an early death.

Unhealthy habits had caused so many health issues they were stunned she was still alive.

With the average calorie intake for a woman standing at 2000calories a day Charity shockingly was eating more than 10,000 calories. With a diet mainly consisting of fast and fatty foods Charities weight quickly skyrocketed after the birth of her daughter Charly.

As a single mum Charity couldn’t even leave the house and had to get help from her current boyfriend with showering and general tasks.

Having enough she jumped into action, lowering her calorie intake to just 1,200 she was desperate to drop the kilos.

Specialists helped her with exercises she could do whilst sitting on the lounge, everyday she worked hard to just keep moving.  

Undergoing gastric band surgery, Charity stuck to her strict diet and even started exercising.

Working out in her home should we jump on the treadmill with the assistance of friends and family.

Slowly they would guide her to prevent falls.

After four weight loss surgeries Charity has lost an incredible 181kgs!

Now she weighs an incredible 135kgs and she is still on a strict diet and exercise regime.  

She has not given up and is determined to keep losing weight!

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