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I lost 100kilos but can surgery fix my excess skin?

She inspires others to live a heathy lifestyle
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After hitting breaking point and tipping the scales at 187kilos, a mother-of-five dropped an astonishing 106kilos in just 14 months.

Following her dramatic transformation, Noelle Dawson was left with loose baggy skin on her arms and around her belly which the 38-year-old admits initially caused her some insecurities.  Although proud of her physique the mother from Nashville, Tennessee chose to have transformative surgery that would remove the excess skin following her drastic weight loss.

Describing the procedure as ‘life changing’, months after her surgery Noelle is now enjoying a fresh lease of life with her brand-new body.  Noelle told Barcroft TV: ‘Before I started my journey, I remember waking up every morning thinking when’s that day I’m not going to wake up due to how heavy I was? ‘I weighed in at 187kilos and if I didn’t make a change there was going to be no more Noelle.  ‘I struggled putting my shoes on, taking my kids anywhere. Six months everyday waking up thinking you’re lucky to be alive.  ‘I was so lost though, I have to lose over 90kilos, how can I possibly do this?’  Noelle attributes her previously difficult relationship with food to her childhood, as a young gymnast her coaches forced upon her a strict diet, punishing Noelle if they caught her eating junk food.

To begin her weight loss journey Noelle educated herself on nutrition and adopted a low-carb, high-protein diet to great success.  She said: ‘Once I got to 90kilos weight loss I realised it was time to start working out.  ‘I had all of this energy, becoming that active after years of sitting on the couch was incredible. ‘She’s just very determined, she’s always in here’, added her personal trainer Caleb Cole.  ‘Every time I see her, she’s a little bit more determined, she has more of a purpose, she’s on a mission.’  ‘I went from being very immobile to being mobile and now the sky’s the limit,’ said Noelle.

She loves going to the gym
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Noelle’s inspirational weight loss journey has left her with baggy skin that hangs around her stomach but asserts people shouldn’t let it stop them from trying to reach their fitness goals.  She said: ‘In the beginning it caused some insecurities, but I find myself now accepting it, it is now my trophy I have worked hard to have this skin and I am proud of it.  ‘I would love to not have to deal with it anymore.’

Doctors performed an extended arm lift and extended tummy tuck, which pulls down all the loose skin around the abdomen.  Husband Chris Dawson told Barcroft TV: ‘My wife’s transformation, her outward appearance is amazing, you can see the results she’s worked for.  ‘The biggest thing for me is her mental transformation, it’s like a new light has been turned on it’s even brighter and she shines.’  Noelle added: ‘Now I’m able to see the true results now the skin has been removed.  ‘What it feels like now to be able to do all the things I couldn’t do before is an indescribable feeling.  ‘It continues to inspire me and motivate me to stay on the right track.’

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