An ode to McGuigan Black Label’s iconic 30th birthday

We celebrate 30 years of this Aussie icon.

Take a moment and let your mind wander back to those precious dinners with your loved ones: the soft glow of sunset filtering through the window, the laughter around the table, and the aroma of Mum’s signature dish filling the air. Just like many Aussie households, chances are there was a bottle of McGuigan Black Label within arm’s reach, an unspoken guest present at the table during gatherings

Aware of it or not, the iconic Black Label has been part of many of our lives over the years. So, join us as we walk down memory lane to celebrate McGuigan’s Black Label 30th birthday. 

A local family brand 

The McGuigan’s journey began in 1880,  when Owen McGuigan, a local dairy farmer and winegrower, became the first family member to tend to vines. What began as a side crop grew into a family legacy that spanned four generations and over 100 years. From early beginnings as farmers, it was the McGuigan family’s deep connection with the land that sparked this passion for winemaking. Fast forward to the present, and McGuigan has continued this legacy, providing Aussies with quality drops at reasonable prices. 

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An Aussie icon is born 

In 1994, McGuigan’s Black Label made its debut, breaking new ground with a commitment to quality and consistency. Its signature smooth, easy-to-drink style quickly gained attention, setting it apart from competitors. The Black Label Red is the number one selling branded bottled red wine in Australia and has been for over five years. Its approachable and unpretentious characteristics (not to mention undeniably delicious taste) has solidified its status as an Aussie icon. 

The world tour 

Not only loved by everyday Aussies, the McGuigan name is recognised within the global wine industry. In 2009, McGuigan was crowned ‘International Winemaker of the Year.’ But they didn’t stop there. This recognition was followed up with repeat wins in 2011, 2012 and 2016 – the only winery brand to have claimed the prestigious title on four separate occasions, making them one of the most awarded wineries in the world and putting Australia on the global map. 

Moments made better 

With huge success and a down-to-earth attitude, it’s no surprise McGuigan Black Label is held dearly in our hearts. Whether it’s a simple family dinner or casual BBQ with the neighbours, McGuigan Black Label remains as the nostalgic and reliable drop for any occasion; a wine that celebrates with us and is there for life’s quiet, everyday moments.

Cheers to 30 years! Shop Black Label Now. 

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