There’s a 110-year-old cake cutting trick that will change your life

Brought to you by a clever maths whiz!

Most of us approach the honour of ‘the cutting of the cake’ by slicing a triangle. Simple, right? Well, turns out we’ve been actually been doing wrong our whole lives!

According to mathematician Alex Bellos, a science magazine from 1906 demonstrates the best technique for cutting AND preserving your birthday cake so you better pay attention!

The video has been doing the rounds for a while but since this year is the 110th anniversary since they started doing it, we thought we’d celebrate with a handy how-to.

First up, cut two slices straight down the middle. You’ll end up with one HUGE slice so of course cut that up into smaller pieces for your guests… maybe.

Next, push it back together so you end up with a (slightly smaller) circular cake again.

Then put a rubber band around it so it stays together. This is the part that keeps it nice and fresh! You can refrigerate now.

When you’re ready for more, make two more slices down the middle but do it in the opposite direction as you did in step one.

Then bring the cake back together again and repeat the above steps until there’s no more cake left (which probs won’t be very long if you’re like us).

Now go enjoy your deliciously fresh birthday cake leftovers!


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