Dog is starved so badly it resembled ‘skeleton with skin draped over it’

So cruel

A dog was starved so brutally by her owner that she resembled ‘a skeleton with skin draped over it’ police say.

The Metro reported how Samantha Bishop, 30, neglected the animal, named Hope, to the point where her feet were covered in sores and blisters that was ‘likely from standing her own faeces and urine.’

Investigators also said that the poor pooch weighed just 29 pounds, which is almost half the 40-50 pounds a healthy dog Hope’s age should weigh.

Police discovered the animal’s mistreatment after tipoff was made to Walton County Sheriff’s Office in Florida about the alleged abuse Bishop was causing.

When animal control officers turned up to her home, Bishop wasn’t in, but they found two dogs locked in a pen ‘in extreme distress.’

The other dog was found covered in blood, faeces and injuries.

Devastatingly, that dog died, while vets say it’s touch and go whether Hope will survive.

Bishop was arrested and charged with two felony counts of animal cruelty.

Hope the dog
(Credit: Walton County Sheriff’s Office)

A spokesperson for Walton County Sheriff’s Office has denied the allegations.

They said, ‘Bishop told investigators she fed and cared for the dogs every day.

‘The condition of the animals and their living conditions did not corroborate her statements.’

Bishop has been released on a $5,000 (US) bond and is banned from keeping animals ahead of her next court appearance.

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