Get rid of silverfish!

While the silverfish can be a pesky little bug there are lots of budget and environment friendly tips to get rid of them. Try some of the low-cost suggestions.
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We have compiled six methods you can try to get rid off silverfish.

Try soap to repel silverfish
An effective repellent for silverfish is good old-fashioned soap. Just place cakes of soap in clothing drawers, wardrobes, and the linen press and before long, those little pests will be gone. Kitchen cupboards can be washed with Sunlight soap to keep them silverfish-free.

Cloves will eradicate silverfish
Cloves are available at supermarkets and can be scattered throughout affected areas such as drawers, wardrobes and linen cupboards to eradicate silverfish.

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Silverfish don’t abide with citronella oil
Put two drops onto an old washcloth then put it into a ziplock bag. Puncture the bag in several places to allow the aroma out and place it in the affected area. If you don’t have citronella, use lavender oil.

Cinnamon stick it to silverfish
Cinnamon sticks are a cheap, easy silverfish deterrent. Grab a few sticks from your pantry and place them in your wardrobe. They work a treat and only need replacing every year or so.

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See silverfish leave with basil
It doesn’t matter if they are fresh or dried, simply place basil leaves in the areas where silverfish have been located and they will drive them out.

Simply peel silverfish away
Place thick strips of cucumber peel into the area you’ve found silverfish, laying a strip every couple of feet. If you still have the bugs once all the strips dry up, just replace them.

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