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With the introduction of the new cigarette taxes, will you be looking to quit now?

I'd like to, but would need assistance
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Real Life TV
Golden Retriever goes on hilarious rampage
This adorable dog really wants to complete the obedience training course, but first things first...
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Video of the Week: Freak Basketball Shot Saves Aussie Dad Millions Of Dollars
Watch this incredible shot and find out how it saved this dad millions in issue 41 of that's life!
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Video: You Poked My Heart
These adorable toddlers argue over the weather until a dramatic poke to the heart brings the debate to a halt.
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Video of the Week: Gangnam Style Robots
Watch these Nao robots get down, Gangnam Style!
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Kitten vs Lizard
Watch this kitten have a very, er, animated reaction to a curious lizard.
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Video of the Week: Sad Sadie
Little Sadie is devastated when she learns that her baby brother will eventually grow up. Watch her sweet reaction.
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Video of the Week: Tortoise Power
This tortoise is the definition of perseverence. Don't give up little guy - you'll catch that car one day.
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