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Real Life Stories
My pup saved my life
Nikita saved Lucy the dog. It was only fair that one day, the favour was returned...
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My little girl can't stop eating
Naomi always made sure her girl ate healthily, so what was behind her weight gain?
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Help me find Mum's killer
Cassandra looked forward to her weekly chats with her beloved mum. But one day, the call never came...
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We drank champagne then he stabbed me
Reunited with her boyfriend after a rough patch, Zoe went to sleep feeling relieved. But she woke to a living nightmare.
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Dumped by the creek at 2
As a child, Rosie dreamed of reconnecting with her birth mother. But when the reunion came, it was just the beginning.
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It wasn't stress, it was cancer
Struck down by a nasty cough, Liz battled on. Little did she know the greatest fight of her life had just begun.
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My bestie stole my identity
Emily and Taylie were like two peas in a pod. But then Emily made a shocking discovery.
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