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Real Life Stories
How I lost 80 kilos
Lorna worked hard to achieve a brand new body. But it wasn't quite what she'd had in mind...
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I fell for a man with no face
Carrie's friend Joe survived an horrific fire, but she saw past his scars...
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Call me Jasmin
Jasmin's workmates in the mine only ever knew her as a man. Could she find the courage to reveal the truth?
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My weightloss secret: how I halved my size
At her heaviest, overweight Dezi was too ashamed to socialise. But with the help of a secret club, something changed.
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8 reasons why men cheat - revealed
With the explosion of websites encouraging affairs, technology is making it easier for those in relationships to stray. It's been reported that 56 per cent of men who have affairs claim to be happy in their marriages. So why do they do it? We went undercover to find out...
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Honey, let's shrink for the kids
When Jacqui's hubby shocked her with a confession, it was the start of an incredible journey.
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Are these Australia's oddest jobs?
Would you like to be paid to repair teddy bears or even go to sleep? These three Aussies reveal very different ways of making ends meet.
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