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With the introduction of the new cigarette taxes, will you be looking to quit now?

I'd like to, but would need assistance
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Real Life Stories
I can't stop eating while I sleep!
While most people snooze for between seven and nine hours a night, for Rose bedtime can be truly testing...
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Terror at the school formal
It was one of the highlights of the year for Anne's daughter. But then something shocking happened at the high school formal.
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Proud to be Realvolutionists!
These fabulous women have joined the Realvolution! Have you?
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The schoolgirls who became killers
Mary was fond of her daughter's two best mates. Little did she know the schoolgirls were plotting something truly shocking.
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Join the yarny army!
When keen crafters Lynn and Margaret started their poppy project, they had no idea it would grow so big. Now, we need YOU to lend a helping hand too!
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Married couple's confession - we both hid a secret
When Helen finally told her hubby she'd been keeping a worrying secret, she was in for a shock.
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The moment my parachute failed
Emma's dream holiday became a living nightmare.
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