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Numerology love calculator

Calculate your life path number to find your perfect match!

Love numerology
Use your date of birth and that of your partner - or your potential partner - to gain a numerological insight into your compatibility. The life path number is easily calculated by adding together all the digits of your day, month and year of birth, then reducing them to a single digit. This is your life path number.

For example, if you were born on the 12th of November 1982 then: 1+2+1+1+1+9+8+2=25 2+5 = 7 - so your life path number is 7

Life Path 1

Domineering and bossy, in relationships you like to have things your way. The sunny 3 or adaptable 5 are your best matches. The tolerant 6 could also work quite well as a partner. You may find an 8 too overbearing and could clash with another 1 as you both try to take the lead.

Life Path 2

As you tend to be a dreamer, your best matches are with the humanitarian 9 and the visionary 8. The 6 can also make a good partner for you. A 5 or a 3 may work but due to their more flighty approach to life you will need to be willing to be the stabilising factor in a relationship with either of those. You may tire quickly of a stable 4 or a self-contained 7, and will need to use all your many wiles to make a lasting relationship succeed with an overbearing 1.

Life Path 3

Your best matches are the adventurous 5 and the mystical 7, both of whom complement and stimulate your creative, outgoing nature. 1s and 2s can also be a good fit. But avoid the dependable 4 with whom you will clash constantly and the orderly 8 who might undermine your self-esteem.

Life Path 4

Of all the life path numbers, your need for a stable and reliable relationship is the greatest. For this reason you would do well with the goal oriented 8 or the focussed 1. A 6 will provide stability and 7s will work surprisingly well as they fascinate you. Flighty 5s and irresponsible 3s will simply drive you crazy.

Life Path 5

You crave change and freedom so it can be difficult for you to remain with one person for long. Another 5 is your best match although the brave 1, the creative 3 and the patient 6 can be good partners. Avoid 4s, some of whom you may find boring, 8s who are too driven and 9s, who'll have no patience with your restless ways.

Life Path 6

The most easy going of the life path numbers, your loving nature makes compromise easy so you are likely to be successful with any other Life Path Number! The emotional 2 and the humanitarian 9 suit you best, while you may find most trouble with the freedom-loving 5 or the irresponsible 3.

Life Path 7

While 7s might have many relationships, they are the most likely to get married later in life as they are self-sufficient and don't depend on others. Your best matches are the creative 3 and the mentally quick 5 as they present a challenge that usually holds your interest. Avoid 1s who you find too bossy, 2s who seem flaky to you and 8s who you will often perceive as materialistic rather than spiritual.

Life Path 8

As you like being in control, the sensitive 2 and the loving 6 make good partners for you, as does the self-disciplined 4. Avoid 1s, who also like to do things their own way, 5s who like their freedom too much and 3s, who you may find frustratingly irresponsible.

Life Path 9

Yours may be the most challenging life path number when it comes to finding a partner. Secretive and cautious, you don't like to expose your inner feelings as it makes you feel vulnerable. You enter into a relationship slowly and carefully. Your best matches are the sweet, intuitive 2 and the loyal and caring 6 who share your humanitarian outlook. If possible, 5s and 7s are best avoided.

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