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How to bag a bargain

Dear Nina, I'm not very good at shopping. Do you have any tips on how to bag a bargain? Candis Pappas, via email

Bag a bargain!
Most women fall into two categories, those who love hitting the mall and those who loathe it. But we all need to wear clothes and shopping doesn't have to be a chore, even if you're on a budget...

These days, most stores have a website. Sign up to your favourite shops to receive newsletters and sales alerts. This way, you'll always be kept in the loop and won't miss out on any special offers. Also browse auction sites such as to find fantastic bargains. Filter by sellers in Australia and you won't have to pay for overseas shipping.

Navigate the stores
Sale items are often placed in the back section of shops. Retailers do this so you have to walk past full-priced items that may catch your attention. Don't be fooled, keep your eye on the prize and head to the section you were originally looking for!

Just Ask
Don't be afraid to ask shop assistants when sales or promotions start. Retailers have so many sales across the different seasons, there's sure to be something coming up. Also find out if there are any discount or store cards available, as you'll often get a percentage off your first purchase when you sign up. lBag a bargain at the shops!


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