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The Block: Lysandra Fraser

Lysandra shares her own personal tragedy...

It's been tough but we're glad to be here!

Lysandra Fraser, 28, Adelaid, SA

Being on The Block isn't easy. There are sleepless nights, catfights and tight deadlines. But my identical twin sister Alisa and I are used to a challenge.

Our amazing mother brought us up on her own. Although we struggled financially at times, we had everything we needed.But the best thing she gave us was our strong personalities and unwavering work ethic.

Mum always encouraged us to be individuals but somehow, we ended up in the same job. Alisa and I know how to stand up for ourselves and we aren't easily intimidated, so joining the police force was perfect.

It's great being able to help people but the job has its hurdles. We're not usually called to a situation unless it's a negative one and we've seen plenty of tragedy. Perhaps it's hardened us over time but we're not immune to emotion.

Dealing with death is awful. It's heartbreaking having to tell a family their loved one has passed away and it's easy to take the job home with you. It must be hard for my hubby Ben, but he's very supportive. I met him in kindergarten, so he knows me better than anyone!

It's been a lot of hard work
Now that I'm a mum to two boys, Emerson, two, and Cohen, one, I worry more about the dangers of my job. Am I coming home tonight? I think, kissing them goodbye.

Alisa has a husband and a son, Nate, one, to come home to as well. But deep down, we love it. It's a challenge and that's exactly what we thrive on! So last year, when The Block was calling for contestants, we decided to apply. But when we were actually accepted, our decision suddenly became real.

'We can't leave the kids!' I panicked. We were about to pull out, then our husbands intervened. 'It could change our lives forever,' Ben said. Nothing could have prepared us for the battles we'd face on The Block! Not only is the work physically gruelling, but getting on with the contestants is just as hard!

We've had a couple of rifts and unfortunately, we're being portrayed as the villains. But it's not as bad as it looks, we do all get along. Alisa and I are proud of what we do on the show and we're discovering a lot about each other along the way.

After all, we have twice the strength, twice the attitude and double the determination!

As told to Kim Bonett

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