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Big Brother - Zoe Westgarth

Lyn reveals why her daughter Zoe is perfect for Big Brother.

Lyn Westgarth, Warren, NSW

I can't picture myself being contained in one house for days on end, surrounded by strangers and eating rationed food. A place where your every move is at the mercy of one master and all of it is captured on camera for the whole of Australia to see. In fact, it gives me shivers just thinking about it but my daughter, Zoe, 23, is handling life in the Big Brother house remarkably well. I can't say I'm surprised.

She grew up in the rural town of Warren, NSW, but at 13, she went to boarding school six hours away in Armidale. I think life there prepared her for Big Brother as she studied, ate and slept in the same room as others. My husband Doug and I missed her while she was at school but when she and her three brothers came home for the holidays, it was a breath of fresh air. Zoe is a country girl at heart. She'll happily say 'G'day' to any stranger and she loves going to local B&S balls and musters.

Me, Zoe and her dad Doug
Growing up, she was always surrounded by her mates. She'd ask to have friends over for a get-together and the next morning I'd wake to find a sea of swags in the backyard! Zoe's always been a people magnet. She's loyal, level-headed and a barrel of laughs. Although she's never had a boyfriend, she's got plenty of friends, both male and female. She seems loud and confident but Zoe hasn't been without her insecurities over the years. Her height is one of them.

We're a tall family, even I stand at 183cm. But Zoe's 188cm stature hasn't always made it easy for her growing up. She always felt bigger and bulkier than her petite friends. Her wardrobe alone was a battle. Out here, there aren't many shops so finding fashionable clothes to fit Zoe's frame was almost impossible. It was also an issue when it came to boys.

She's a country girl at heart
Zoe's after a big, burly bloke who's taller than her but he hasn't been easy to find. 'The short girls get all the tall guys anyway,' she'd sigh. I know Zoe will find the perfect guy one day. I'm not entirely sure Mr Right is in the Big Brother house but it's great to see her having fun and expressing her opinion in a dignified way - as long as she doesn't do anything a mother shouldn't see!

This is a great experience and we're so proud of Zoe for doing it. I can't wait to throw my arms around her when she comes out. I know she'll be holding her head high and standing tall.

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