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Power to the bronies!

Katharine shares her love of bronies and My Little Pony!

Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack and Pinkie Pie
Katharine Fowler, 27, Newtown, NSW

Cartoon ponies danced across the TV screen. There was Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle and Apple Jack, to name a few. I loved animations like Roger Ramjet and Chippendale Rescue Rangers but My Little Pony was by far my favourite. You'd be forgiven for thinking I was still a kid, but actually, my obsession with ponies began only last year - in my twenties!

As a self-confessed geek, I'm not ashamed to say I love shows like Doctor Who. I've been to comic conventions dressed as my favourite characters, with thousands of other fans. But right now I'm possessed by ponies. It all started when my best friend Mel, 27, convinced me to watch the new version of My Little Pony. I became instantly hooked. One of the characters, Pinkie Pie, was like a mirror version of myself. She's enthusiastic, talkative, musical and loves to party, just like me! When I told my friends about it, they were enthralled and each found their personalities in the ponies too. Mel was just like Apple Jack, a sweet but honest pony, and Kate, 26, was a human version of Rainbow Dash - loyal and driven.

Me (in pink) with my pony pals
Soon, my whole friendship circle fell in love with the cartoon and we started referring to our group as a 'herd'. Last October, we attended a convention in Melbourne as our pony personas. As Pinkie Pie, I sported a bright mane and was covered head-to-toe in pink. And when our herd got to the convention, we soon realised we weren't the only ones passionate about ponies! There were plenty dressed up like us. Afterwards, when I jumped online, I saw we belonged to a global group of fanatics. My Little Pony buffs were called Bronies and most participated in what's known as cosplay, where people get together in costume and take on the character of an individual pony.

Today - hundreds of dollars later - a third of my wardrobe is dedicated to costumes. Every few months, my herd and I meet up with other Bronies and our outfits are always a hit. My family think I'm nuts but they love me all the same! My hobby may not be everyone's cup of tea but there's nothing wrong with having a little fun. I've made so many amazing friends from My Little Pony. I'm thrilled I stumbled across it!

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