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My baby has 12 fingers!

The number of fingers on Deb's son isn't as rare as you think.

Deb Phair, 29, Toowoomba, Qld

I held my baby boy Harri tight, admiring his tiny face and crop of dark hair.

It was early morning on August 15, 2008, and Harri had just been born after a fast, smooth labour at Toowoomba Hospital.

But the pregnancy had been complicated. The first ultrasound had revealed a cyst on his brain. Thankfully, it disappeared later.

Then there were fears that Harri wasn't growing enough. After countless ultrasounds, my partner Brett, 33, and I felt like we already knew him so well.

But now here he was in the flesh - our own perfect, healthy little boy.

'Here Mum, have a hold,' I said, passing him to my mother Marie, 52.

Mum smiled lovingly as she loosened Harri's wrap and took hold of his tiny hand. Suddenly she gasped.

'Look, he has an extra finger!' she exclaimed.

Quickly she inspected his other hand – only to reveal it too had another finger!

Harri had an extra little finger attached to the sides of both pinkies. My mind was in a spin as Brett called for the midwife.

Although she'd never seen extra digits before, she assured us that it certainly wasn't the first case.

Finally the paediatrician arrived and studied little Harri closely. 'He's fine,' he assured us. 'We see a few hundred babies a year with extra digits.'

The paediatrician explained that often babies are born with extra little finger-like growths and a band is placed around them, causing them to painlessly fall off.

In Harri's case, because he had fingernails and nerves, he would have to wait until he was a bit older and have a small operation to remove them.

The news was reassuring and I was relieved to know that having extra fingers was not so unusual.

'I can't believe I had all those ultrasounds and it wasn't picked up,' I said to Brett. 'He'd even waved!'

Finally, when Harri's brothers Jordan, 13, Bill, 11, Grady, six, and Jaxon, one, came to visit, they were so taken by their little brother, they didn't even notice he had 12 fingers!

I read that Quantum of Solace Bond girl Gemma Arterton recently admitted to having been born with 12 fingers, so it's more common than people think.

These days, little Harri is growing fast and he's due to have his operation before his first birthday.

We're not afraid to talk about his extra digits and we've been amazed at the number of people who've come up with similar stories.

To think, Harri's outcome could have been much so worse. We can cope with a few extra fingers.

Does your child have a unique condition? Let us know by commenting below.

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