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I married my ex-husband!

Jamie was always the one for her, but it took Lyn 11 years to realise it.

Lyn, 47, Murray Bridge, SA

When I saw a male friend approaching, I tried to hide. But I'd been spotted. 'Please go out with me, Lyn,' he begged. 'Just for a drink.'

Jamie, 28, had been bugging me for ages and I'd run out of ways to say no. 'Fine,' I agreed.

At 26, I'd been single for a few months, but I liked it. I knew it would take an amazing guy to win my heart. I wasn't expecting much from my date with Jamie. And that's exactly what I got!

'You're here!' Jamie slurred, clearly intoxicated. I was furious. That loser, I thought.

But the next day when he called my anger waned.

'I can't believe I wasted a date with you,' he said sincerely. 'I was out with my mates and they wouldn't let me leave. I'm sorry.'

'It's fine,' I snapped. 'Please,' he said. 'Let me make it up to you.'

Jamie wasn't taking no for an answer. Maybe the date will be different when he's sober, I thought. So I reluctantly agreed.

Our date went surprisingly well. Jamie had a cheeky side but he could also be genuine. Maybe this will work, I thought.

In 1989, after eight months dating Jamie, our relationship took an unexpected turn when I discovered I was pregnant. 'Marry me and everything will be fine,' Jamie said. 'We'll be a family.'

But I couldn't accept it. I was young and although I loved him, I wasn't ready to settle down. But after we had our son, Josh, I didn't feel I had a choice.

first'Marriage is the right thing to do,' Jamie urged. So, just as he'd convinced me to date him, he also convinced me to marry him.

I was consumed by panic. 'This is wrong,' I cried to Jamie's sister, Sue. 'It's just nerves,' she assured me.

But standing at the altar, doubt niggled at me. Ignore it, I told myself.

At first it wasn't so bad. We had a daughter, Nikki, and settled into family life.

But years later, watching romantic movies on TV, I knew our marriage paled in comparison. I loved Jamie. He was nice and dependable. But deep down I'd never felt we belonged together.

In 1996, after seven years of marriage, I finally worked up the courage to tell him.

'This isn't working,' I said.

We divorced and the kids and I moved to Adelaide. Jamie visited regularly and over time our friendship began to mend itself.

'I'm glad you're around,' I smiled. 'Me too,' Jamie nodded.

I tried to find love again, dating other men, but it never worked out. Strangely, in my mind, none of them measured up to Jamie.

In 2004, we moved back to Murray Bridge to be closer to Jamie and things started changing. Whenever he visited, I saw him as a husband again.

One day, months later, Jamie popped in when I was feeling down. Just like old times, I poured my heart out to him.

'I'm sorry, I'm a mess,' I sobbed. 'You've always been my rock. Do you think we'll ever be a family again?'

'I'd love that,' Jamie smiled. I didn't know if we'd changed or simply grown up, but the spark we'd missed years earlier was here, brighter than ever.

'Let's take it slowly,' I said.

Two years later, in 2006, I couldn't wipe the smile off my face as I walked down the aisle to Jamie. This time, I was certain he was the one.

'We always knew you'd get back together,' the kids said.

Today, it's been four years since we remarried and our love has never been stronger.

People are shocked when I say I'm married to my ex-hubby, but it just goes to show we were meant to be.

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