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A baby after vasectomy!

When Nan's husband had a vasectomy, the last thing she expected was to fall pregnant!

Nan Tanmahapran, 35, Rosanna, Vic

Relaxing in bed, I sighed with delight. 'This holiday was exactly what we needed,' I said to my husband Syd, 33. 'It's like a honeymoon,' he agreed.

It was 2006 and we'd travelled to Bangkok with our children, Brooke, six, and Tim, two, to visit family. My mother, Sumlee, 57, had taken the kids off our hands, giving Syd and me some welcome time alone.

'It'll be a shame to go home,' Syd chuckled. But a week later we said our goodbyes and returned to Melbourne.

I felt refreshed and relaxed but a month later, the feeling had worn off. 'I need another holiday,' I groaned to my colleagues in the call centre where I worked.

But it didn't feel like the usual tiredness of a busy, working mother. I was exhausted and more down than I'd been in ages.

'I feel so flat,' I complained to Syd. 'Perhaps we should go back to Thailand,' he joked. 'Maybe that's the problem,' I nodded.

Days later at work, I nearly blacked out. Resting my head on the desk, tiny lights speckled my vision. 'Are you okay?' asked a colleague. 'Just dizzy,' I mumbled.

By the end of the day I was desperate to go home. But I'd promised my friends, Karen and Ron, I'd see their new baby, Jake, at the hospital. Cradling little Jake, I'd forgotten how wonderful it was to hold a newborn.

'He's beautiful,' I smiled. 'Are you getting clucky?' Ron joked.

Even if I was, I knew I'd never have another baby. After Tim was born, Syd had undergone a vasectomy. 'We don't want any more kids,' we had agreed.

But now I wondered if we'd made a mistake. 'I'm blessed with what I've got,' I smiled, pushing the idea from my mind.

Days later, I woke feeling queasy and rushed to the bathroom to vomit. Suddenly, I remembered my pregnancies with Brooke and Tim. I can't be, I told myself.

But doing the maths, I realised I hadn't had a period since before our trip to Bangkok. The thought of pregnancy was crazy. Syd couldn't have kids and I certainly hadn't been unfaithful.

Still, I did a test to be sure.

It's impossible,
I thought as two blue lines appeared on the stick. Somehow I was pregnant!

Part of me was overjoyed, but the other part panicked about Syd's reaction. Will he think I've cheated? Will he want another child? When he came home, I took a deep breath and told him the shocking news.

'Are you serious?' he chuckled. 'I should get my money back!'

I was overcome with relief. 'Looks like we're having another baby,' he smiled, kissing me.

A doctor confirmed the pregnancy and explained how it had happened. 'It's very rare,' he said. 'It's called recanalisation and only happens in about one in every 2000 procedures.'

Sometimes sperm particles, white blood cells and scar tissue built up to reconnect the incision made in the sperm-carrying tube during the vasectomy. Syd had naturally reversed his operation!

'You must have really wanted another one,' I smiled.

But the surprises didn't end there. At my five-month ultrasound, the doctor had more news. 'Your baby only has one kidney,' he said. 'What?' I gasped.

'It's okay,' he said. 'People live healthily with one kidney.'

At home, I did some research. Thankfully the doctor was right. Our baby could live a perfectly normal life. He or she would need regular exercise, a healthy diet and plenty of fluids. Heavy lifting, labouring and contact sports were out of the question.

We can handle that, I thought.

On October 1, 2007, I gave birth to a healthy little boy who had just one kidney.

'You were determined to be here,' I whispered to him.

Afterwards, Syd decided not to undergo another vasectomy, so I had my tubes tied instead.

We discussed baby names. 'How about Troy?' I suggested.

It was perfect. The ancient city of Troy had been destroyed many times throughout history, but each time it had rebuilt itself. 'Sounds familiar,' Syd smiled.

Today, Troy is two and is such a joy. We know the battle of Troy is something from the history books, but to us it's a little closer to home.

Has you had an unexpected pregnancy turn out for the best? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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