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My cat pees on my bed - help!

My male cat, Bear, is neutered but urinates on my bed. It's the only place he does it besides his litter tray, which is cleaned twice daily.


Bear, a domestic short-haired cat


Stacey Burow, 26, Mackay, Qld

The Pet Whisperer says:

There are two reasons why cats urinate in areas other than their litter tray - behavioural or medical. Have Bear checked by your vet to rule out any medical problems. The most common cause of inappropriate urination in cats is stress. Moving house, introducing a new pet or changes in routine are quite stressful for cats. If you can identify the cause of the stress and remove it, you will have a better chance of helping Bear overcoming this and stopping him from urinating on your bed. Did the stress occur at the same time as any disruption to Bear's routine? Is a neighbour's cat roaming in his territory? Keep your bedroom door closed so that he doesn't have the opportunity to engage in the behaviour. You might also like to try a different litter in his tray as some cats are very fussy and prefer certain types of litter.

Did your cat do this? If so, what did you do to make it stop?

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