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Taming your teen

Is your teenager driving you up the wall? Here are a few helpful hints on how to deal with them.
In a stunt that has left behavioural experts have been left stunned, and while parents and police want answers, three teenage girls have ruined their reputations forever.

What are the signs that your teen is in trouble?

Teenage Isolation For a teenager, friends mean the world. So if you notice that your kid likes the company of himself more than anyone else, check out why.

Concealment When it seems your child is hiding things from you then you may be worried. They may be habitually late or not at the right place at the designated time.

School Problems If your child's grades are plummeting or he/she may not even want to attend school to begin with, then this may be a signal of things going amiss. Getting into fights at school or disputes with teachers is another obvious sign.

Drugs and Alcohol Trying out drugs or alcohol may be a part of many teenagers' lives but when this becomes habitual or goes together with school troubles, then be warned. This may also be accompanied by missing money from the house or your wallet at times.

Violence Violence to one's self or others. Selfharm is an obvious cry for help. Any kind of violence inflicted onto others is also a sign of trouble for your teen.

Body Image A distorted body image and weight loss/gain not only makes an emotional issue that must be addressed apparent, but it is a vital health issue as well. One must take note of shifting sleep or eating patterns.

teens supportWays to deal with troubled teens

  • Setting limits or house rules as parent is an important key in your adolescents' discipline. They may securely bloom into responsible and mature adults with your guidelines. Just like a government with its laws to rule by, a home needs its own rules or guidelines to keep the home running smoothly.
  • Consulting a support group. The key is to find a group that will best suit your teen.
  • There are many camps and retreats available were your teen could go to get help. For example, boot camps, military style camps, Christian camps, residential treatment centers, residential schools and private schools and inhouse programs in daily schools.
  • Your local doctor is a great starting point. They will know of tests which can help decide if your teenager has an abnormal condition which may be the cause of the unwelcome behaviour.
  • Online forums have articles and blogs where readers can comment. Sometimes reading of the experiences and the recommendations made by parents can be helpful.
  • Books, tapes, DVDs, videos and CDs on parenting can provide guidance, if you want to deal with your teen alone.

Common forms of punishment for teens:

teen mumPhone Privileges A teen's peers are one of their main priorities. When you deny them phone privileges, you can expect results as this is not just a penalty they can easily ignore.

Allowance The power of money can indeed be a useful tool for a parent. Denying allowance as a consequence of defiant behaviour can be utilised as well as giving bonuses when good actions are recognised.

Grounding your Child Taking away some of your teenager's freedom (like not letting them go out with friends on Friday night) may be just what they need to wake up and recognise that their behaviour has been unacceptable.

Trust You must show your child the significance of a bond of trust between parent and teenager. When he commits a mistake which leads to a loss of trust on your part, then it would prove beneficial to think up possible ways or deeds he can do in order to gain your trust again.

Material Things An adolescent's possessions can be of dear importance to them. By taking away certain items of significance, you can attempt to one's control behaviour.

Time Together Sometimes what a troubled teen really craves for inside is just some quality time with a parent. The warmth of care from a parent to his child has genuine beneficial affects on a teen's behaviour.

If you are having trouble with your teen visit one of these websites to seek help:

Chat to clinical psychologist Jo Lamble by submitting a question in our Forums - or share your tips on dealing with a troubled teen by leaving a comment below.

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