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Add a Recipe

Here on that's life! Food you can easily upload recipes to share them with family, friends and other that's life! readers. Uploading your recipes at that's life! Food means you will build your own recipe database where you can store your recipes and see what other think about your cooking.

To Add a Recipe to your collection you will need to login to your Gold Club account. Once you've logged in you can add, save, share and even submit your dishes online.

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How do I submit a recipe?
You will need to join the that's life! Gold Club to submit a recipe. The that's life! Gold Club gives you access to upload recipes, comment on other recipes and enter the recipe challenges. As a Gold club member you will also have a chance to win in our weekly magazine draws and other giveaways. Joining the Gold Club is easy and best of all it's FREE!

If you are already a member of that's life! Gold Club login now to start uploading your recipes online.

How do I rate a recipe?
We've made rating recipes easy. If you think a recipes sounds tasty then rate. If you've made one of the recipes and thought it was great then rate it. To rate recipes simply click on the star rating that best suits your option. This way you can help others know what's simply, easy and delicious when their cooking in the kitchen.

How do I leave comments on a recipe?
To leave comments on recipes you will need to be logged in to your Gold Club account. Once logged in you can leave your comments and thoughts on any of the recipes from the that's life! or readers kitchens.

Photo tips
When submitting a recipe you will need a photo to upload a photo. Follow these hints and tips when taking your pictures:

  • Decide how to present the food. Bakes, casseroles and lasagne look best in the dish they are made in. While salads, grills and other foods are nice as a serve on a dinner plate. Arrange food nicely on the plate and include all the serving suggestions.
  • Pick a good spot. Look for an area near a window which is well lit. Alternately go outside and choose a shady spot, away from direct sunlight where your dish can be seen. Focus on the food and avoid getting other objects in your shot.
  • Photo size. The recipe layout best suits landscape photos but don't worry if your photo is a portrait as the system will be automatically scale it to fit. Photo files need to be in a jpeg format that is no larger than 500KB.

Thank you for contributing to that's life! recipes

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